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Welcome to Integrated Mining Technologies

Developing strategic partnerships with our customers by providing solutions, which will improve productivity and safety in the Mining Industry.

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imt Field Services

Field Services

IMT has a growing team of qualified auto electricians, CAS technicians, technicians and boilermakers with medical’s and inductions completed, who operate with fully mine compliant light vehicles.

Therefore IMT is able to offer services including installations, maintenance, services, breakdown services and on-site training.


Integrated Mining Technologies safety access systems, driver safety systems, safety isolation boxes and safety switches with a key focus on safety. IMT offers:

  1. Proximity detection systems (PDS), collision avoidance systems (CAS), supplied by General Electric (GE) for both surface and underground mines.
  2. Fatigue monitoring systems from Seeing Machines known as Driver Safety System (DSS)
  3. Hydraulic access systems (stairs and ladders) for all makes and models of earth moving equipment from Power Step Australia
  4. Safety electrical isolation systems for buttons and starters for all makes and models of earth moving equipment.
  5. Roll over and dead-shut electrical isolation systems

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imt product range


The product range includes market leading and OEM auto electrical products and collision avoidance systems designed and specified for earth moving equipment.

The objective is to support and maintain quality products that are selected by the customer, based on the customer’s needs and requirements.



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